Nutrition You Can Trust
A Potent Powerful Superfood
The best dog food I have used in my 55 years as a Vet!
My name is Dr. James Graham. I graduated college in 1961 and have been in veterinary practice ever since. In my 55 year long career as a small animal veterianian I have never used a dog food as good as this one. I have trialed many brands over the years as I am a passionate dog owner, and have 12 of my own, small dogs right up to 100 pounds. Their quality of life and overall health is exceptional.  
Dr. James Graham
Classen View Veterinary Clinic
Oklahoma City, OK

Nutrient Dense So You Feed Less

Results like this don't occur by accident, or by making a product to a price not to a quality. They come from total attention to detail, sourcing fine quality ingredients, and using best practice methods to create a product you can rely on for your furry family.

The primary pre-requisite for this product is to ellicit a stable blood sugar response. The formula is dominated by meats to ensure a stable metablolism is supported and maintained. Viable and useful amounts of  Glucosamine and Chondroitin support your dogs joints throughout their lives not just when they are old. This delicious food is formulated to supply nutrients a dog can thrive on, not advertising owners what to hear. With this food, your dog comes first and foremost. 

No Gluten

No Wheat

No Soy

Low GI

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