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The Truth About Dogs

What you are told is just advertising.

A Banquet of Untruths.

In the dog food world everything is now about photos of steak and fish and chicken etc, you know, all big juicy pieces just like you would be served at a restuarant.  Do you really believe that bullshit. In the interests of selling product, manufacturers make people think they are bad owners unless they use this brand and that ingredient.  The truth is, dogs are not like they are preported to be, they are nothing like it.

Dogs have a very potent, powerful digestive system, but it's volatile, and needs constant support. In a feral environment dogs get that digestive augmentation by eating decomposing flesh.  

The question I ask people about dogs is, if you hold a dog, and then I walk away 20 feet, place a 2 pound piece of prime rib on the ground, then I walk 20 feet in the other direction and drop a dead rotting squirrel, then you let your dog go, what is he going to go to first. Now I have asked hundreds of people the same question, and out of all those people only one has ever said the steak, everybody else has said the dead rotting stinking squirrel. Why? Because dogs instinctively know, and are attracted to rotting flesh, and there's a good reason for that, it's not just by accident, and it's not just because they want to stink themselves up.

Decomposing flesh has a substantially increased bacterial and enzymatic action, and those properties are used to advantage with the dog's digestive system, supporting, and augmenting the digestive process.
This is what the manufacturers of dog foods would like you to believe is in the bag, and it's incredible, but people actually believe that to be true. If you do the math, it makes no sense that a bag of dog food costing $30, and weighing 30 pound, can be made out of prime steak costing 15 or $20 a pound. Advertisers know that people buy dog food, dogs never buy dog food, so they direct their marketing to making people feel good, and serve up a banquet of misleading information, and the people just love it, they can't get enough.

There are ways to emulate a dogs naturally desired diet

High Quality Is Possible But Not Common


 The ability to make an extremely high quality dog food is absolutely possible. The only problem is, it's expensive. Sourcing high quality ingredients, especially meat ingredients, is difficult, and you really have to do your research to find suppliers of high quality meats.
 Once you have assembled the ingredients, diligence and processing them in a careful and responsible way is most important. Constant and never ending quality control, checking, and rechecking, is necessary to ensure compliance with high standards.
 An overlooked area of pet foods, is the packaging. BPA free bag liners are an important part of ensuring your pet is given nutrition that is safe.  I personally will not accept any bag that is not capable of holding human grade quality product.

The Nutritional Pyramid of Maximizing
Profit !

The Nutritional Pyramid from a major brand of feed.


Dogs and People are not carbohydrate eaters by design.

 Now why do you think carbohydrates are dominant and on the bottom of the pyramid as the largest single ingredient? It has nothing to do with the health of your dog, and it has everything to do with the very healthy profits that companies make by doing this. Carbohydrate is far cheaper that qualty proteins. Protein is the most expensive, fat is the next most expensive.  There has been increasing resistance from consumers for including grain products in dog food, so they were replaced with other forms of starch that spikes blood sugar, like potatoes.
 A tactic known is a tactic blown.

​ A carbohydrate dominant diet destabilizes blood sugar, and that, along with stress, is the primary cause of most health issues. When you destabilize blood sugar you destabilize health, there is no way around it. If you want to keep blood sugar stable, then a mammal must be fed in a way that keeps blood sugar stable, and allows the metabolism to work as it was designed to.

Spot the Difference

 Now here is a formula based on the dog's well-being, instead of maximizing profits. Combine the dominant proteins and fats, with a small amount of carbohydrate, that can be beneficial, and you have the recipe for a strong, lively, active, healthy dog. This is not rocket science, and the knowledge comes from paying careful attention to what dogs do when they are not in captivity, how they behave when they are allowed to live and not be hindered by human desires. Paying attention to these details makes all the difference in the world to the health of your dog.